TRUE STORY of Teenager Who Started Making Custom Shoes for Himself Because Shoe Sellers Rarely Have Shoes Fitting His Size 46 Feet

To market successfully, you need to present yourself as an AUTHENTIC PROBLEM SOLVER to your target audience. But that may not be as easy as it sounds, because first of all you need to know how to decide on what problem to solve, plus how much to charge for it, and who to offer your solution to you, that’d be willing to pay what you ask.

To get my message across I share the true story of my 17 year old son (Emeka), who – being rather big for his age – wears size 46 shoes (mine are 44!).

For a long time we often struggled to find shoes to buy for him. Very few vendors had shoes his size! So he often wore odd looking, worn shoes on outings. We had a problem!

Today, we have a lasting SOLUTION: he makes his own custom footwear (see photos on his website) – and now offers PAID custom footwear making solutions to others.

Read full PDF or listen to the MP3 audio version of this commandment for my full message!

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